I built this for a client that wanted an interface to be able to give to potential clients to show off his software. The videos are loaded through an xml file so that content could be added without having to recompile the flash piece

CTRLX Solutions
Website built in flash for IT proffesional based out of Phoenix Arizona

XML based flyer viewer built for a client that wanted to have a rotating banner on their site showing upcoming acts.

KDP Logo Animations
Animated Logo for a client's website

Relentless Beats
Banner built for a client's web site promoting his club. The flyers can be updated with an xml file to add and remove ads

RF Solutions
Interface built for a client's online learning site. The project ended up getting canceled but I have always like the design.

Robot World
Interface mockup for a flash flash game that is still in development

Sassi Weddings
Rotating ad banner built for a client who wanted an easy way to update the banner. It is driven by an xml file that allows the client to control the images, text and speed of the ad.

Previous flash website built for my personal portfolio back in 2008